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Bed Time
Season Four, Episode Three
Air date 24 May, 2004
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Bed Time is the third episode of the fourth season of Coupling. It aired on the 24 May, 2004.


Patrick tries to find a way to go home after his sexcapdes with Sally. When he asks Steve for help, Steve tells Patrick that it can't be done, especially since that night is the first dinner party Sally is hosting. Meanwhile, Jane has invited Oliver over to Sally's dinner party, but Oliver is worried as his nipples are rather large. When it becomes obvious that Patrick will be going home after the party, Sally starts drinking and when everybody is about to leave Sally, clad in a blonde wig and red oven mitts, sings a song about Susan entitled "Susan: The Happy Trotting Elf". The episode ends with Patrick and Sally ending up in bed, Patrick saying " bollocks" that he wasn't able to go home.

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Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Jack Brough as Tall Guy 
  • Saskia Mulder as Attractive Girl
  • Steve Brody as Angry Man


Jane: You are just giving me a lift.
Oliver: I get that.
Jane: You can't expect to come in, have a few drinks with me and end up in my bed like some kind of a taxi driver.

Steve: What you are suggesting is going to her home, having sex with her and just leaving.
Patrick: Exactly.
Steve: It's just like when a guy goes into a restaurant and he wants to use a toilet.
Patrick: Believe me, I tried to explain that to her.

Susan: Are you alright?
Sally: Oh hello!
Susan: It's just that you're supposed to be showing us all to the door.
Sally: How close was I?
Susan: Not very.
Sally: Don't tell Susan.
Susan: I am Susan.
Sally: Exactly.

Sally: My lord, I thought you'd gone
Patrick: My lady, how could I leave? When I have found you capable of new enchantments
Sally: Oh them
Patrick: Could you turn in to an elf again?
Sally: You liked that didn't you?


Oliver wears a T-shirt with "Bring back Dr Who" on the back. Steven Moffat, Creator and Writer is a life-long Dr Who fan and now writer in the newly returning series.