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Season Two, Episode Seven
Air date 15 October, 2001
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Dressed is the seventh episode of the second season of Coupling. It aired on the 15 October, 2001.


Jane goes to a party wearing nothing but her coat and realises that there are more invites. Patrick wants Sally to pretend to be his wife buts ends up introducing Susan as his wife to a competitive friends. Sally makes Steve his pretend husband. Not able to take all this, Steve proposes to Susan and takes her away. Sally becomes Patrick's partner. His friend and his wife are shocked.

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Jane is invited round to dinner by Bill, a good-looking man she met in the bar. She decides to make a lasting impression by turning up wearing nothing underneath her cute little trenchcoat. Unfortunately, on arrival she discovers not a romantic dinner for two, but a dozen other guests.

Meanwhile, Patrick is locked in insane competition with Ivan, an acquaintance from work. Ivan has a glamorous trophy wife, so Patrick decides he needs one too, just for the evening. He recruits Sally for the part, then changes his mind and claims Susan for his 'bride' (he 'needed a blonde'). Seeing Susan pretending to be Patrick’s wife finally makes Steve’s mind up for him: he proposes to Susan in front of the whole group, and she accepts.

Embarrassing Moments[]

Having lost her coat, Jane is stranded in Bill’s hallway wearing nothing but a smile.


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Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Mathew Bose as Bill
  • Stewart Wright as Harry
  • Peter Hepplethwaite as Walter
  • Dominic Taylor as Ivan
  • Lidija Zovkic as Miranda
  • Georgia Kelly as Emily
  • Michael Price as Barman


  • Ivan was also the name of Patrick's "answer phone double" in episode "Jane and the Truth Snake."
  • There is a big clap when Kate Isitt (Sally) slaps Ben Miles (Patrick) - this is because it was about the fifth take of the scene and poor Ben was nearly unconcious.
  • The little girl addresses Jane by name at one point, even though Jane hasn't actually told the girl her name.