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Season Three, Episode Two
Air date 30 September, 2002
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Faithless is the second episode of the third season of Coupling. It aired on the 30 September, 2002.


Jeff accidentally accepts a date with Wilma, a girl from his office. The others try to guide him through the date remotely, but Wilma's cunning ways prove too much for Jeff—and Steve, while Jane wants to date James, a religious man, but when she attends one of his meeting, and ridicules all their beliefs in the process, she is shocked to learn that James does not believe in pre-marital sex.

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Jane and Jeff are both having difficulty keeping the faith. 

Jeff is sent into a spiral of tension when his attractive colleague, Wilma, asks him out for a drink. Is Wilma about to make a move on him, or does she just want to be friends? If she's interested in his arse, then surely he shouldn't be talking to her, what with him having a girlfriend. But to refuse the date would be to assume that Wilma fancied him, and she certainly hasn't made that clear. Unable to face this challenge alone, Jeff rigs up his mobile phone for the date, so that his friends can hear his conversation with Wilma, and give him advice. Wilma puts her cards on the table straight away: she fancies Jeff and she wants to know if he fancies her too… 

Meanwhile Jane is thrilled by the arrival of a new member of staff at the station, right from the moment he smoothly parks his huge, red sports car into a tight little hole. Mmm. Jane is not the sort of girl to be put off by the fact that James is the station's religious broadcaster, nor by the further complication that their first date is at a Christian discussion group. Hope begins to fade when James tells her that he doesn't believe in sex before marriage (although Jane does helpfully offer to take her top off if that will ease the situation). Despite this inauspicious beginning, James gives Jane a passionate kiss. Why is he bothering with her? Because he has faith.

Embarrassing Moments[]

Patrick is in the bar giving instructions to Jeff, who is on his date with Wilma. Jeff's girlfriend, Julia, breezes into the bar, says "are you talking to Jeff?" and snatches the phone off Patrick. Julia asks Jeff, "do you love me?" and the same time as Wilma asks, "do you fancy me?"


Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Lou Gish as Julia Davis
  • Emilia Fox as Wilma Lettings
  • Lloyd Owen as James
  • Gerard Gilroy as Roger
  • Muriel Pavlow as Angela
  • Colin Michael Carmichael as Trevor
  • Andrew Collins as Andrew