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Her Best Friend's Bottom
Season Two, Episode Three
Air date 17 September, 2001
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Her Best Friend's Bottom is the third episode of the second season of Coupling. It aired on the 17 September, 2001.


Steve sees Sally naked by mistake after she uses Susan's shower. Patrick has "car" trouble, while Steve and Sally are trying to figure out how to tell Susan that Steve saw Sally naked. Steve is also trying to find good opinions he does not have on cushions and fabrics. Jeff introduces the Captain sub-text to all.

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Susan’s latest project is to choose some furniture for the flat that she and Steve will share together. Against the backdrop of selecting fabrics, the truth slowly emerges about a deep mystery: why Steve and Sally have suddenly started acting so strangely.

Steve went to Susan’s flat unannounced and saw Sally emerging from the shower. That was a forgivable accident - but why did Sally then remove the towel and ask Steve whether he found her attractive? Her excuse takes everyone by surprise: she needed reassurance because she’d just been to bed with Patrick. And for the first time ever, Junior Patrick had failed to jump to attention.

Embarrssing Moments[]

Faced with Sally’s naked form, Steve blurts out that he realises he’s not welcome in her bush.


Main cast[]


Jack Davenport it seems had delivered his cushion speech in only one take.