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Jane Christie
Ex Partner Steve Taylor
Current Partner Oliver Morris
Occupation Radio Presenter
Seasons Season 1 to Season 4
Portrayed by Gina Bellman

Jane Christie is one of the main characters of the show "Coupling". She was portrayed by Gina Bellman throughout the series.

Season 1[]

Jane had been dating Steve Taylor for four years before the start of the show. During that time she had been dumped by Steve on several occasions but refuses to accept them manipulating him back into the relationship with sex. Jane basically stalks after Steve and even "surprised" Steve by turning up at Prague when Steve was visiting that city.

When Steve goes on his date with Susan Walker Jane is able to track him down by calling the taxi companies to see which gave him a ride and then the restaurants in the vicinity of his drop off point for a reservation. Upon discovering that Steve is on a date with Susan, Jane promptly dumps Steve. In siding with Jeff and Patrick to get Susan to show a breast Jane's reason was "I just like looking at breasts". ("Flushed")


Jane is portrayed as slightly mad and a bit dumb. She is supremely confident in her attractiveness and sexuality, completely self-absorbed and is more than willing to use sex to manipulate others. She claims to be bisexual, even sharing a kiss with Susan, a claim which was challenged by Oliver. She is also shown to be the most ditzy of the women.

Life after Season 4[]

Writer and Creator Steven Moffat gave a closure to the lives of the characters:

Jane and Oliver never actually did have sex, but they did become very good friends. They often rejoice together that their friendship is uncomplicated by any kind of sexual attraction - but they both get murderously jealous when the other is dating. Jane has a job at Oliver's science fiction book shop now - and since Oliver has that one moment of Naked Jane burnt on the inside of his eyelids, he now loses the place in one in every three sentences. People who know them well think something's gotta give - and they're right. Especially as Jane comes to work in a metal bikini.


  • Jane has a problem talking to men, often coming on much too strong and appearing desperate or rude to others in her pursuit of a man.
  • She was once briefly fired for telling all the drivers to close their eyes to centre themselves and changing the names of streets for her own amusement, among other things, but was re-hired due to her popularity, over a man who was a friend of the radio station's owner.
  • In the fourth season, everyone starts referring to her as being "mad."
  • Jane may not actually be her real name, instead it is suggested that she invented the name Jane while pretending to be her own crazy twin on holiday. Yet the name somehow stuck, she brushes it off by saying "It's a long story"