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Jane and the Truth Snake
Season Two, Episode Five
Air date 1 October, 2001
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Jane and the Truth Snake is the fifth episode of the second season of Coupling. It aired on the 1 October, 2001.


Jane get sacked due to her eccentricities, and decides to take an "overdose". Not realising what she has taken, she decides to become a children's TV presenter and shows Sally, Steve, and Susan her new creation, Jake the Snake, a truth-telling sock puppet.

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Jane’s boss Jeremy sacks her from her job reporting traffic jams after she instructs London’s drivers to close their eyes and meditate. A distraught Jane attempts suicide with some pills she was given at a party. In her addled state she creates a pink sock puppet called Jake the Snake, who always tells the truth.

Having said some truly appalling things to Sally, Susan and Steve, Jane uses Jake to insult Jeremy too. He declares she’ll never work for the station again, but the public send in so many letters of support that Jane is reinstated.

Meanwhile, Patrick is about to dump his latest girlfriend, Linda, because she’s ruled out the possibility of having a threesome. She announces that she’s changed her mind, and Patrick rushes back to her flat in anticipation. His disappointment is hard to hide when Linda introduces him to his new playmate for the evening: Jeff.

Embarrassing Moments[]

Patrick is chained to the bed, starkers, awaiting the other two for his threesome. Jeff arrives, wearing only his boxer shorts.


Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Susan Earl as Lynda
  • Shaughan Seymour as Jeremy Phillips
  • Ben Miles as Voice of DJ


  • "Ivan" (Patrick's "answer phone double") is possibly referring to the character of the same name in "Dressed" (two episodes later).
  • In the scene where Steve is talking to Jeremy, Jack Davenport mistakenly flubs a line and says "breast" when he intended to say "rest". In fact, according to the DVD commentary he made the same mistake on three or four takes before they decided to just leave it in.