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Julia Davis
Ex Partner Joe (reconcile and break up again)
Current Partner Jeff Murdock (break up)
Occupation Accountant
Seasons Season 2 and Season 3
Portrayed by Lou Gish

Julia Davis appears in five episodes spanning over Season 2 and 3. She first appears in Naked, as the new head of department in the office where Jeff and Susan work. Julia and Jeff soon fall for each other due to their shared inability to hold a reasonable conversation with a member of the opposite sex. Despite overcoming the inevitable troubles with each other, their relationship ends when Julia's ex, Joe, a soldier, returns from the front line believing Julia to still be his girlfriend. After finding Julia chained to the bed in her room dressed in bondage gear, Joe attacks Jeff. In the final episode of series 3, Jeff explains that Julia and Joe have left together to discover their feelings for each other, in Bolton.

She was portrayed by Lou Gish.