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Season Two, Episode Eight
Air date 22 October, 2001
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Naked is the eighth episode of the second season of Coupling. It aired on the 22 October, 2001.


There is a Cupboard Incident between Julia and Jeff. They are both bad at asking each other out but end up confessing it to each other. Its Jeff's 30th birthday and his friends are organising a surprise party. Jeff ends up stripping in front of them by accident.

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Jeff has finally found his female counterpart, a woman who can’t help blurting out ridiculous things if she's attracted to someone. It seems that their mutual uselessness will prevent either of them from asking each other out. To make matters worse, Julia is a senior manager at his firm. After a sequence of typical Jeff blunders, he is in despair. Steve comes to the rescue and tells Julia that Jeff is in fact very keen on her.

Julia kisses Jeff and he thinks that his luck has at last changed. She leads him blindfolded into a conference room, and Jeff assumes that she has lured him there to have sex. He does an ecstatic strip tease. Unfortunately, Julia was leading him into his surprise birthday party. Everyone files out in mortified silence but Julia makes amends by doing a private striptease of her own for Jeff.

Embarrassing Moments[]

It’s hard to imagine a moment more embarrassing for all concerned than that in which Jeff’s mother says ‘Oh Jeffrey’, having witnessed her son doing an enthusiastic and imaginatively choreographed striptease in front of senior management, and indeed everyone else he knows.


Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Lou Gish as Julia Davis
  • Anwen Williams as Jeff's Mother
  • Ian Ralph as Boss
  • Mike Sherman as Jeff's colleague #1
  • Suzann McLean as Jeff's colleague #2
  • Ewan Watson as Jeff's colleague #3
  • Ben Homewood as Waiter
  • Simon Clayton as Policeman