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Remember This
Season Three, Episode Four
Air date 14 October, 2002
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Remember This is the fourth episode of the third season of Coupling. It aired on the 14 October, 2002.


After Patrick shows up at Sally's apartment to "save" her from an imaginary spider at three in the morning, they both remember how they first met at a Susan's office party. Their versions differ slightly, as Sally's memory ends with her in Patrick's arms and Patrick's memory ending with a drunk Sally and him kissing to the Spiderman theme. At the end, Sally and Patrick decide to stop spending so much time together, as nothing will come of it.

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Sally is surprised to say the least when Patrick arrives at her flat at three in the morning to get rid of a spider for her. It turns out that he dreamt her distress call. What can this mean? Does Patrick subconsciously want to protect Sally? More shockingly, does Patrick have a subconscious? Encouraged by their friends, Sally and Patrick independently tell the story of how they first met. It was at Susan's office party. The attraction was instant. Sally got horribly drunk and the two of them had a romantic embrace in the cloakroom. We see the scene from both points of view: the inebriated Sally believed she was acting cool when she gave Susan's phone number to Patrick. Sober Patrick actually remembers that it was Sally's number he was asking for. Back in the present, the pair are troubled by the fact that they have got close, and yet never seem to get any closer. Nothing is ever going to happen between them now. Patrick and Sally agree to see less of each other.

Embarrassing Moments[]

Patrick jumps on to Sally's bed, highly irritated, demanding where this spider is so he can get rid of it quickly. Sally's introduces him to the naked man who is cowering under the duvet.


Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Ryan Philpott as Peter Wilkins
  • Rachel Shelley as Samantha
  • David Carter as Man at buffet
  • Rebecca Deren as Morag
  • Jason Bailey as Patrick's friend


  • Jeff has 8,000 words for breasts and counting. During the flashbacks to the office-party which was estimately 5 years ago it is stated that Jeff has 3000 words for breasts (In episode 4 season 4 it is mentioned that 5 years before Patrick and Susan were going out, they met at this party and weren't going out together for more than a year, hence the estimation). This means Jeff managed to collect 5000 words for breasts in approximately 5 years which is about 3 words per day.