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Season Three, Episode One
Air date 23 September, 2002
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Split is the first episode of the third season of Coupling. It aired on the 23 September, 2002.


It's been almost a week since Steve and Susan split up due to the events of the second season finale. While the guys go to a strip club and get drunk, the girls drink wine at a beauty parlour. A drunk Steve leaves a message for Susan on the answering machine and they get back together.

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The action begins where it left off at the end of season 2 - Steve and Susan have had an argument about their future, and Susan storms out of Steve's flat in tears. The screen splits into two and we follow what happens to both Steve and Susan simultaneously.

While Steve tries repeatedly to ring Susan, his courage failing ever time, the girls are locked in a debate over the merits of 1471, and what it means if the phone "chirps". Eventually the tension at both ends of the phone gets too much. The boys and the girls set out for "the Temple of Woman': the girls' case, a beauty salon; in the boys' case, a lap dancing club.

Steve gets hideously drunk, and phones Susan as soon as he gets home, pleading that she come back to him. She does just that.

Embarrassing Moments[]

When Susan comes back to Steve in the middle of the night she decides to wake him by giving him a bit of intimate pleasure. It's just a shame that Patrick and Jeff have got a grandstand view from their hiding place.


Main cast[]

Supporting and guest cast[]

  • Hannah Waddingham as Jenny Turbot
  • Mariella Frostrup as Herself


  • While the length of Steve & Jane's relationship was quoted at three different lengths in the first three episodes of the series, this episode confirms that Steve & Jane dated for four years (Susan confirms it at the Temple Of Woman).
  • If you listen really carefully during the dream scene where Steve gets kicked out of Susan's house, you can hear a really distorted version of "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps".
  • In the scene where the girls are walking towards the beauty salon it is not Kate Isitt (Sally) walking with Sarah Alexander (Susan) and Gina Bellman (Jane).