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Unconditional Sex
Season Three, Episode Three
Air date 7 October, 2002
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Martin Dennis
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Unconditional Sex is the third episode of the third season of Coupling. It aired on the 7 October, 2002.


After an accidental tongue slip inspired by Jane, Jeff manages to worm his way out of Wilma's charm by telling her his girlfriend is dead and that he is not ready to move on yet. But she comes to his apartment to continue to try and seduce him. Julia, who was leaving town for a business meeting, has instead stayed at his apartment as she was too sick to travel. Wilma discovers the truth and leaves in a fury. Sally and Jane tell Susan about the "Man Check" where a sexy women is sent on purpose to seduce a committed man to check how faithful he is. Steve is shocked to learn that Susan intends to use the services.

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We pick up the action where we left off at the end of the last episode: with Jeff trying to work out how (or even whether) to refuse unconditional sex with Wilma. Meanwhile, his friends are still listening and offering advice via the mobile phone. Jeff is no match in this debate for "devil woman" Wilma. She knows every argument that Susan (the expert in getting her own way) has ever used. Jeff paints himself into a terrifyingly extreme conversational corner, until he blurts out that the reason he can't have sex with Wilma is that his girlfriend is dead. Wilma drives Jeff home, but decides to try once more to seduce him when they get to his flat. Unfortunately, Jeff's girlfriend, Julia, has been struck down by flu and is asleep in Jeff's bed. Seeing Julia's bare feet poking out from the duvet, Wilma makes the not-too-far-fetched assumption that this strange man who can't stop talking about his dead girlfriend has in fact just killed her. Wilma flees the flat, and Jeff says to Steve, "well, I think that basically went OK."

Embarrassing Moments[]

Even by Jeff's standards, this episode is one long rollercoaster of embarrassment. The lowest of low points is when Wilma asks him the name of his dead girlfriend, and he stammeringly makes one up. "It's not as if she comes when I call."


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It is the second mention of Necrophilia, the first being Sex, Death and Nudity.